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  • New Extensions for Zoom and Microsoft Teams 🚨😍

  • @barrylubov Hi, does the issue still persist?

  • @_Bad0men_ Hi, the extension are available again. Greetings.

  • @KaneComp Does the issue still persist?

  • @manolito74 We are waiting for a reply from Chrome support, and we hope tho get a fix. All our extensions are avail…

  • Our extensions are offline on Chrome WebStore. We are trying to get a fix this as soon as possible. All our extensi…

  • @KaneComp Please click on the "+" button. It will post the photo.

  • Check out OinkAndStuff Chrome Extensions for Remote Work! #remotework #remote #covid_19…

  • Chat and Meet for Hangouts – Chrome extension for Home and G Suite users 🎓💼

  • Calls, Video-Calls and Messaging with Chrome Extensions for Corona Virus, Covid-19 💉🩹💊